Our Founder

15-02-1955 to 14-10-2019

Johan Bester was well known and thoroughly knowledgeable in the field of Non-Destructive Testing. He started his career in NDT in 1980 and began his own business, Emmanuel NDT Services on the 27th April 1993 by the grace of God. The business is situated in Vanderbijlpark and operates worldwide from the Vaal Triangle. Johan worked hands-on, employed and trained many technicians over the years and was known to do work for mines up in Africa and abroad, as far as Armenia and Kyrgyzstan (Russia). He loved travelling and exploring new places and finding new job opportunities. He was one of the first NDT companies to open a branch in the Northern Cape to work on the recent Solar Projects for the Spaniards.

His passion was NDT and he knew just about everyone involved in his field. He was always loyal and honest to his friends, a true and confessing Christian, very hardworking and helpful and generous and kind to everyone he knew. He believed he had to be available 24 hours a day and often went the extra mile to help someone. Travelling thousands of kilometres for his business, was part of his everyday life.

Johan left a stable and well-established firm and a group of employees who regarded him as a friend and father.

He also leaves a wife, four daughters with their husbands as well as twelve grandchildren with whom he had a close relationship. Johan will be missed tremendously by his family, his employees and friends, and colleagues in the NDT field. He will definitely be leaving a huge void in NDT field, but his legacy will live on.

We salute a very fine, dedicated, hardworking and wonderful man.